School Life Guide

 Laundry Schedule 

  • Collection days: Mondays and Wednesdays, 4:30-6pm
  • Student must place laundry in their personal laundry bags.
  • School pays laundry fees for student uniforms, mattresses, blankets, and pillow covers.
  • Cost of using dorm washing machine: 20RMB
  • Recharging laundry card: cash or online transfer



  • Student must submit a permission slip from their parents by Friday 5pm if they want to leave the school over the weekend.
  • Excursions: Saturday: 1pm to 5pm, Sunday: morning to 5pm
  • Overnight stays: Saturday 1pm to Sunday 5pm


 Disciplinary Committee 

  • If students accumulate more than 15 penalty points over a four week period, or commit an offense worth 15 points on its own, they must attend a disciplinary committee hearing.
  • The committee will consist of three teachers, who will interview all students involved before deciding on the appropriate course of action.